Short Stories

The Backup

Good computer scientists always make backups for disaster recovery purposes.  Such as restoring humanity.
You can read this story in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review.



A Profitable Treatment

  Is there a cure for greediness?  Can Tim find it before it's too late?
Read it in Aurora Wolf: A Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy.



A Most Exceptional Scholarship

  Do advanced races have bullies? Will Toby realize his potential if he comes back to Earth?
This story is included in the Far Orbit: Apogee anthology, published by World Weaver Press. Available in trade paperback and ebook.

"A Most Exceptional Scholarship" was more in the style of a YA offering from Nestor Delfino, following an Earth teenager as he joins an intergalactic school where dozens of races are brought together to learn from each other. Making the difficult choice to leave his unwell aunt behind on Earth, Toby works hard to learn all he can about the other species, hoping to become the first human to progress to the second year of studies. When bad news arrives from home, he must make the most difficult choice he has faced. This is a light story that captures much of the wonder of exploration through a curious and optimistic teenager who gets the chance of a lifetime. It was another story that I enjoyed, even though at times it felt a bit like a synopsis of a longer novel, there’s certainly potential there for more stories or a full novel to come out of this one. — Vinca Russell, SFcrowsnest

“Daring adventure, protagonists who think on their feet, and out of this world excitement! Welcome to FAR ORBIT, a fine collection of stories in the best SF tradition. Strap in and enjoy!” — Julie E. Czerneda, author of Species Imperative

“Successfully captures the kinds of stories that were the gateway drugs for many of us who have been reading science fiction for a long time. Well done!” — Tangent

“FAR ORBIT is definitely a spectacular sci-fi anthology that is sure to entertain readers and keep them coming back for more. This is definitely one anthology that no sci-fi library should be without!” — Night Owl Reviews (Five Stars)

“Need a quick fix of good old-fashioned science fiction? Far Orbit is it!” — Sporadic Reviews

“Put aside all of your preconceived notions of what ‘sci-fi’ is—whether you think you love it or hate, it doesn’t matter—pick up this book and get to reading!” — Good Choice Reading

“Apogee is indeed the logical successor to the original Far Orbit anthology.” — Eric Choi, co-editor of Carbide Tipped Pens
"Provide[s] a respite from the outright attacks on the Grand Tradition that have set the tone for contemporary science fiction." — Tangent

A truly exceptional anthology of deftly crafted science fiction short stories by an assembly of writers who are masters of the genre, "Far Orbit Apogee" is very highly recommended and certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections. — Midwest Book Review

Read Nestor's interview in the Mississauga News here  

The Art Student

Which came first? Life, or beauty?
Published in issue #5 of The New Accelerator.



Social Interface

What would the future look like if we allowed our devices to become our social interface?
Published in Kzine issue 14.

"Detective Jake Talbot’s social interface wakes him up early – there’s been a kidnapping and Jake has to go into the Primitive Zone where people do not use social interfaces. This is usual fare in that it explores whether technology really improves lives or makes us less human, and told well from the viewpoint of someone facing that conflict. Brings back memories of Logan’s Run."

Review by Steve Rogerson of Wizzley.



The House of my Dreams

What happens when a scientist puts his family ahead of his research?
Coming to Polar Borealis next spring.



The Man Who Moved the Mountain

A grandfather shares a story of one scientist’s desperate attempt to save his family through time travel even as he fights to protect his own grandchildren from peril in the present.
Published in Bards and Sages' Society of Misfit Stories.



Brain Peripheral

A desperate scientist who is about to lose his fiancee to her brain injuries will try everything, including experimenting on his best friend--his dog--to get his brain peripheral (the cure for her fiancee) ready.

Published in SciFan Magazine issue 7.